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Positive Dog Training for City Living


About Grubby Paws

Grubby Paws is built on the belief that every dog deserves to learn in the most up to date, scientifically backed method available. No matter the age, size, background or previous training, we can create a tailor-made plan to get your dog up to speed. 

I found my passion for training after bringing Gracey, the Romanian rescue pup, into my life. Learning with her to make the world less scary, I have a special place in my heart for the nervy rescue, misunderstood mutt, and shouty pup.

My biggest passion is to help your dog to navigate the urban environment with confidence, from puppies to seniors, rescues to pedigrees. I'm not judging, just here to help. 

Work With Me 1-to-1

To work with me 1-to-1, there are a few steps. to ensure that the sessions are most successful. Take a look at the process and what's involved, and book a discovery call if you have any questions!

Upcoming Courses

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