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Positive Dog Training for City Living


About Grubby Paws

Human centred dog training with a dog focussed approach, always kind, humane and ethical, for both hound and human. My biggest passion is to help your dog to navigate the urban environment with confidence, from puppies to seniors, rescues to pedigrees. I'm not judging, just here to help. 


I started my journey to become an accredited dog trainer after not finding somebody that I clicked with in my local area. Navigating through profile upon profile to find somebody that would I would feel comfortable working with as a queer woman, as well as fit my ethics for training. 

I build bespoke training plans that fit within your own routine, to your learning style, and provide support throughout. Designed with spicy brains in mind.

Work With Me 1-to-1

To work with me 1-to-1, there are a few steps. to ensure that the sessions are most successful. Take a look at the process and what's involved, and book a discovery call if you have any questions!

Upcoming Courses

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