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Who We Are

My name is Freya and I am the founder of Grubby Paws Dogs, an East London-based dog training company. I've always loved animals. Having pets throughout my life, with dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, chickens and more on the list, it has always been my biggest passion.

When my beautiful ex-street dog called Gracey came into my life, my world changed overnight. Everything I thought I knew about dogs, their behaviour, training and their emotional wellbeing, was turned upside down. Trying to find clear, easy to understand training advice that sat with my ethics—but was also fun—was pretty hard. 


Overwhelmed with all the varying advice, I decided to undertake training of my own with the Victoria Stilwell Academy (VSA). This was an in-depth course covering dog behaviour and training, as well as how to train dogs using positive reinforcement and force-free techniques. Over 1,000 hours of studying and a dramatic career change later, I am now fully certified VSA dog trainer.

Who We Help

Grubby Paws is built on the belief that every dog deserves to learn in the most up to date, scientifically backed method available. No matter the age, size, background or previous training, we can create a tailor-made plan to get your dog up to speed. 

I found my passion for training after bringing Gracey, the Romanian rescue pup, into my life. Learning with her to make the world less scary, I have a special place in my heart for the nervy rescue, misunderstood mutt, and shouty pup.

My biggest passion is to help your dog to navigate the urban environment with confidence, from puppies to seniors, rescues to pedigrees. I'm not judging, just here to help. 

How We Train

I will only use positive reinforcement training and will never use pain, fear, or intimidation to achieve results. As a graduate of the Victoria Stilwell Academy, I am also part of the UK Dog Training and Behaviour Charter.

I don't use any aversive techniques or products. This means that I don't use slip leads, choke chains, prong collars, e-collars, or any type of tool that is designed to cause pain or discomfort to the dog. I will never shout at, intimidate, startle, or tell a dog off for making a mistake. The mistakes are on us to teach the dog the right thing to do.

Our Team
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