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Work With Me

Have you just got a new puppy and need to get those basics mastered? Want to know how to settle a new rescue dog? Struggling to get your dog to come back when called or to settle in the office?

No matter what your training goals, I can help you find the trainer within you to reach them and beyond!

Take a look at the process on the right!

Book Your Online Consult

This is where all 1-to-1 clients start! You can book in online or via email, just pick a time that works for you. Once you've booked, I'll send over an intake form for you to fill in. This covers health history, training history, lifestyle, and much more. 


The Online Consult

The first session takes place online, as it helps all parties involved to focus! We will spend the first 30 minutes talking about the information on the form, diving deeper into certain aspects, and clarifying training goals. The second 30 minutes is where we learn the training skills that will set you on the path towards your goals.


Choosing The Right Package

Depending on your training goals, I offer packages of either 4 or 6 sessions. These can take place in person or online, or a hybrid mix of the two.

The amount of sessions will be decided in our initial consult, you can then purchase a package and book online. 


Follow Ups

Each package comes with WhatsApp support, as well as email notes. I want my clients to feel as supported as possible throughout our training journey.

Book A Consult

Get started with your training journey and book your consult.

View Training Plans

Training a Puppy

Book a Discovery Call

If you're not sure about what working with me entails, or just want to check that we're a good fit, you can schedule in a free of charge Discovery Call.

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