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Dog Training Done For You

In our fast-paced lives, it's easy for certain priorities to slip through the cracks. Dog training is one of those priorities that often gets sidelined amidst our hectic schedules. Yet, neglecting it can lead to awkward walks, stressed-out relationships, and unhappy pups.

Our comprehensive Training Walk package is designed to address the training tasks you simply haven't had the time to tackle. From teaching loose-lead walking and recall to mastering basic skills like sit, stay, down, stay and navigating encounters with other dogs gracefully, we cover it all and more.

If you find yourself juggling work, social commitments, and family responsibilities, and struggle to maintain consistency in training, our package is the solution you've been seeking. Tailored to your specific needs, it offers a bespoke approach to dog training.

Conveniently available in person within Newham, Hackney & Tower Hamlets, with services potentially extendable to other London boroughs upon inquiry.

Suitable for loose lead, recall, reactivity, basic manners and other training requirements.

How To Get Started

To get started, book in a Discovery Call to discuss your needs.


Each Training walk package will include a 1-to-1 intro session to discuss you and your dogs needs, make sure everything is set up and to talk about a training plan.

Packages are either 4, 5 or 6 walks, and will have a handover session with you after the package finishes. Either 2 or 3 walks per week recommended.


Package of 4 walks, introduction session and handover: £480

Suitable for recall, socialisation, loose lead and basic manners.

Package of 5 walks, introduction session and handover: £540

Suitable for proofing behaviours in new environments or more engrained training problems.

Package of 6 walks, introduction session and handover: £600

Suitable for reactivity, relearning blown off behaviours, adolescent dogs and frustration based behaviours.

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